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Cooling Tower Fills

GT 12: The fills are made from virgin PVC and are white in colour and are highly effeicent in cooling the water. They are used in small FRP Cooling Towers. White colour fills can be used in high temp applications in Process & HVAC Cooling.

S Fills : S fill is an very high efficiency, non-clogging fill designed suitable for all counter flow cooling tower applications to withstand a range of water loading while offering a low pressure drop. Greentek GT- S fill offers a high surface area for heat transfer. Special designed step microstructure breaks velocity for a longer water air interaction. At the same time the corrugation angle and shape ensures all suspended particles to flow down through the fill media. Thus the fill design to offer most effective cooling while using all water quality eliminating all disadvantages and problems associated with other fill designs of smaller flute size 12-25mm. GT- S fill can be used for consistent performance over long years with any water quality including sea water or brackish water.

M/s Greentek Engineers is the only Authorised Agency in India to sell S type & Seagull Brand of Fills for cooling tower .


Advantages & Descriptions

  • Low-clog Design
  • substantial segment pitch opening allow sediments to flow through without clogging
  • High Thermal Performance
  • Large contacting surface area with non-clogging system ensuring the high thermal performance
  • Low Air Resistance
  • Required air volume decreases because of the Improved thermal performance. Thus, lower air resistance.
  • Excellent Fire Retardant*
  • Flame retardant meets the requirement of ASTM E84< 25 standard
  • Uniform Water Retention
  • Uniform segment pitch and air pressure in the film contributing uniform thermal performance.
  • High Strength of Assembly Lump
  • Special adhesive bonding mth bonding rate not lower than 95%

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